Why We Do Keyword Research and Analysis First?

Keyword research and analysis is a process to find the actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search.

SEO professionals research these keywords in order to achieve better rankings in their desired keywords.

Getting your keyword selection and keyword strategy right is critical upfront. Keywords drive many aspects of the website, from competitor research to the IA through to ranking monitors and ongoing content strategies. Get your keyword selection right upfront.

Keywords Analysis

Keywords Analysis

When somebody does a search in Google that’s called a search, it’s otherwise also called a keyword. You type your keywords into Google, and when you are starting to do SEO the first thing you need to decide is what searches/what keywords you should show up for.

A couple quick tips you need to understand about Google’s keyword tool include;

a)      There is a little button in the Google keyword tool called ‘exact match’. If you click that button then you are going to get a more accurate number of how many people actually search in Google every single month for that keyword.

b)     Next, you’ll need to find out how many people are searching for your keywords within the countries you actually ship to. So there is a little option in the Google keyword tool to choose the countries the searches are happening in.

c)      Another factor is that you are not going to get every possible click from every possible search. For example: if a keyword has a thousand searches per month, not everybody who does that search is going to click on your result. They might click on an ad instead, or they might decide “That’s not what I meant” and then go back and do another search.

Try to keep your pages focused. Pick 3-5 keywords per page and try to stick to keywords that are strongly related to each other on every single page.