Why to Disavow Spam Links?

Link Spamming – Disavow Those Links

Search engine optimization has evolved over time consists of various techniques. Some of its techniques are legally and ethically approved and known as White Hat SEO while there are many SEO methods that are devised to exploit weak parts of Google algorithm and the only objective of such techniques are to acquire higher ranking at Google search engine and known as Black Hat SEO.

Link spamming is also part of Black hat SEO used to acquire better page rank at search engine through algorithm of PageRank used by Google. Due to this algorithm website can attain better ranking when linked with various other websites.

Disavow Tool

Disavow Tool

Link spamming involve various methods that enable website to get linked with other websites such as link farming, Sybil attach, Wiki Spam or Splogging. All these methods involve building link with renowned sites through fake blogs or linking with irrelevant site by placing link of particular website within unrelated forums, blogs and guest books.

Google prohibits link spamming strictly and if used can result in penalty by search engine. You will find many webmasters offering services for unauthorized link removals. However, Google suggested disavowing such links. This is quite simple process and enables you to block such links conveniently.

Easy process to disavow backlinks  

The first thing you need to do is to create list of links associated with your website. Then you need to sort out list of links you want to disavow. You can upload this file to Google. If you want to acknowledge Google regarding list of links you need Google to ignore you have to use, disavow links tool page. This page will enable you to upload list of links you want to disavow conveniently.

Although Google may require some time to process information submitted by you however, after you have uploaded file it will be integrated in index of the search engine and whenever your page is inspected by spiders of search engine this information will become part of your website information.

You can not only disavow single link from particular website but you can also disavow links associated from entire domain.