What is Web Hosting and It’s Kinds

Web Hosting

Internet has revolutionized every field of life. From education to business, from libraries to shopping everything has gone online. Due to this reason internet has become most powerful medium of information nowadays.

Educational institute need website for their education purpose, organizations use online websites to streamline their business processes, different business use websites to promote their business and services, retailers need website to sale their goods and services, individual use websites to share information and point of view through blogs.

Thus, website has become mandatory for those who need to maintain their online presence. However, you can only make your website accessible with help of web hosting services.



You can find different types of hosting services offered by different providers.  Two main type of hosting services are as follow:

Web hosting services without any expense

You can find various companies offering web hosting services for free. However, limited features are offered with these services. These services are usually offered for promotional purpose and name of provider is usually integrated with your domain name.

Although these services can save good amount of money but these services are least reliable and not suitable for dynamic large scale websites.

Paid web hosting services

Paid web hosting services are offered by serious companies. These companies have to maintain standard hosting services as their clients need to pay rent on regular basis. Cost of these services varies according to type of services you engage. You can also acquire domain registration services with paid web hosting services.

Some important paid web hosting services are as follow:

Managed Hosting services

These services allow user to own separate server for hosting his website however, for management of server, hosting company provide management services of its own.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private services are also known as VPS or Virtual dedicated server. For these services hosting company assign virtual space to users with help of single physical server.

Shared web hosting

In this type of hosting service single server is shared by various websites. These websites also share all physical resources of the server. These services are cheaper in cost however suitable only for small scale websites.

Dedicated web hosting service

This service allow user to avail web hosting services with single dedicated web server. Through these services clients can enjoy complete control over web hosting resources and can manage all security issues by himself.

Important factors for choosing web hosting services

You can avail any type of web hosting services according to type of your website, required resources and available budget. However, you should consider some aspect before hiring services of hosting company. Some important things in this regard are as follow:

  • Before signing up for any package it is important to review packages offered by company. You can also compare cost of these packages with packages of other companies that can help you save good amount of money.
  • Customer feedback of any company can help you determine reputation of company and quality of services offered by that provider. Always choose reliable and competent company with sufficient resources to host your website.
  • Along with these aspects you should also check if hosting company is offering 24 hours support for services offered.

Considering these aspects along with technical features offered by company can help you employ high quality web hosting services for flawless performance of your website.