Top 10 Web Design Mistakes by Professionals

I have compiled a list of top 10 worst web design mistakes which I present below. Please take a keen look at the mistakes and see if you can identify with some of them:

10 Web Design Mistakes

10 Web Design Mistakes

1.    Bad search
The bad thing with search engines is that they can be insensitive to plurals, typos, hyphens and other  variants of the search query terms e.g ‘honoloulous’ or ‘honolulu’. Moreover search engines tend to priorities on queries with most searches.  Therefore, search should be presented as a simple box because users want a simple search.

2.    Uploading PDF files online
Unless you are sharing some information over the email or a document that can be downloaded and printed/read later, avoid using PDF in your site because users hate them. Sometimes, depending on the device one is using to access online information, it is not possible to read a PDF file online.

3.    Failing to change the color of visited links
Users want to understand where they are at the moment when they are browsing your site. If you site contains multiple links, ensure that the links change when the customers click on a given link. Providing an opportunity for your users to know where they are at the moment makes it easy for them to decide where to go next. Also, they might decide to revisit the links they found useful in future.

4.    Using non-scannable text
Users find a wall of text only intimidating and boring to read. Remember, your customers have short attention span time and that you are writing for an online community that is on the move.

In order to write a good content ensure:

* That you use subheadings
* To use bullets and numbering
* To highlight keywords
* To use short paragraphs
* To use simple writing style
* To use language devoid of technical jargons.

5.    Using fixed font size
Do not use the default CSS font style provided by most websites. In most cases, the font is tiny and this reduces readability for most people, especially the elderly. Bear in mind the user’s preference and use the font size that is attractive and which they are comfortable with.

6.    Ignoring SEO in writing page titles
Creating page titles with low search engine visibility is like shooting oneself on the foot. Search is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing strategy. It is advisable to start the page with more of the most salient descriptions.

7.    Over advertising
Of course you are online to sell but no one likes to get sold to. Users find ads that get on the way of their online activities as a distraction. So, avoid any designs that look like adverting if you want to retain customers in your website.

8.    Inconsistency
Whatever your website or product, ensure that you are consistent. Users want to know what will happen so that they feel comfortable and secure.

9.    Opening new windows
This could be one of the most annoying things when one is browsing. Always design the pages to open on the same window.

10.    Not providing answers to questions
You must always be available to answer questions from the users.