How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Optimization Rankings

If you have been using social networking websites to promote your business and you cannot get desired results in terms of sales, it does not mean that these social networks are of no use. This is due to the fact that renowned search engines like Bing and Google utilize data of these social networks in order to rank website for quality and experience.

Online presence of any website is affected by different factors. These factors include authority of website that is measured by type of link building your website has incurred through its content.

Although it has been stated by different search engine marketers that social signal do not play any direct role in ranking of your website by search engine however, still its significance cannot be denied.

Social Signals

Social Signals

Does Social Signals really matters

Different citations like shares, Likes and retweets are equal to an inbound link you receive for your website. Thus, more you acquire such citations, more your content and website will be valued in terms of content, quality of content, information and valued services.

So, whenever your website will get any such citation it not only ensures that you are providing some useful information to user that is also recommended by user to other users. This direct relation of quality content and social share enhance value of your website for search engine.

Credibility via Social Signals

It has been observed that more than 90% of users believe in recommendation especially that of friends and family members. This recommendation is more credible than different types of advertisements. This process of recommendation has become online through social networks.

When people endorse some website on social networks they enhance the credibility of that website and that website is trusted more by other online users also.

Including this; nowadays people usually use social media to search for different online products and services.

Through social media they can inquire about reputation and quality of online product or services. This is one reason due to which every brand has its own Facebook page in present times.

People when approach these brands or services they usually first review the comments of people first and if have any question they can also post their query through those comments.

Social Signals-SEO

Social Signals-SEO

This all process plays an important part in SEO activities and also observed by search engines closely. With help of few simple steps you can enhance social signals for your website such as use share buttons like tweet, like or share.

You can also use icons used to connect with social profiles such as Follow us, Facebook page or Twitter.

All these can help you incur social signals for your website and also will enhance credibility of your website for search engines.