SEO vs. Social Media

Social media as well as SEO both are used for the internet marketing of services or products you are providing. Both the techniques are used parallel as a good approach. They both have their own way to publicize your message and the best solution to market your project is to use both of these internet marketing techniques.



Search Engine Optimization:

SEO refers to search engine optimization which is a set of techniques and methods that are practiced to make your website familiar with the browser. This is done by carefully defining few or many keywords relevant to your business and optimizing them in such a way that whenever someone tries to search that keyword in a browser, the search engine shows your name in the top results.

Search engines cannot be exactly told to pick certain sites in their top results. They just pick the site that has a higher rank. In order to make your website a search friendly, you need to make sure that it has a higher rank.

SEO ensures that rank by increasing the number of visits to your website. These visits include the re directed links that are created in some other places on internet.

Guest article submission websites are mostly used for this purpose. Moreover, SEO experts create back-links to the websites through commenting on forums and blogs of relevant topics of discussion.

Other than these, various blogs are posted in which we hyperlink the keywords with the website. The increased visits to the website not only get you customers and increase your market but also provided you a higher rank that can help to achieve great audience.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media:

The same can be done by social media. Social media vs. SEO is not something easy to decide. In fact, if you really want to do wonders in marketing of your product, you should use them both. In social media, you get the visitors through the sharing of information with people who use social media to connect to the people all around world.

Social bookmarking is an important technique in SEO that refers to promote your stuff through the social media.

There are many social media websites that people love to join. They really trust their online friends and believe that they will get the true image of the product through the social media discussions. Using social media you can get your message heard oceans across in few seconds.

However, increasing visits and fan following on your social media profiles also sometime needs help of SEO.