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It will not be exaggeration to claim that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood of the digital media. With millions of website on air and thousands adding into this stockpile every day, you cannot expect even existence in the market without proper and regular optimization.

What Is SEO?

SEO is basically a set of different tools and techniques that push a website to appear on top in online search engines. In easy words, you can say that it is the science of attracting traffic. Just like other marketing and advertising campaigns, optimization is also a full-fledged venture. This is not an end, but a mean to an end.

When & Why You Need SEO?

When you need SEO and why? This question comes to every website operator’s mind and only few can be able to find right and timely answer. You have planned to have a blog or a platform for affiliate marketing or a news site or even your online profile page, you have availed domain and hosting and got your web developed; your SEO begins now.

From the very day you appear online, you need optimization to grow, gather fans and achieve your ultimate goal that is money in almost all cases. Now, why you need all this? The answer is simple that you have plunged into an ocean of websites where you are facing dire competition every time. This is the field where you see people endeavoring for even two-second presence at top of search engine results. Thus, you need SEO to survive and thrive.

SEO Expert / SEO Consultant:

Now the question is where to avail SEO services from?

Currently, there are available hundreds of thousands of professional SEO experts and consultants available in the market and they are making billions by selling out their services like hot cakes. Yes, you need to hire a SEO expert now.

What is A SEO Expert Does?

As the name depicts, he/she will be expert in all those techniques and tactics that can perk your website up. This guy will perform a number of tasks for you including SEO Audit, SEO Tuition, SEO Consultation and Website Redesigning. All of these things are meant for finding the fault lines and loopholes in the existing step and then improvising it to the level of excellence.

The expert will do all this whole stuff with the help of certain tools that are as follows.

Basic SEO Tools:

Creating A Blog:

Blogging is considered to be the easiest, fastest and most effective medium of accumulating visitors. The SEO experts will first of all create a blog page on your website and then starting posting text, audio or video content over it every day. Many people confuse blog with text just. This is not right!

In this age of colors, images and videos have more impact and outreach. If your blog has good articles with proper keywords, you can get a lot of traffic from your niche. People surfing through internet will find your content and then slip into your website eventually. So, blogging is a primary and simple SEO technique.


Interlinking is very important yet complicated step. Here, an SEO expert links up and sums up your web pages and blogs such a way as search engines find it easy to crawl and index your website in their results. Keep one thing in mind that when a person search something on an engine, it tries to find out and show the best possible things to him.

So, the more effective and strong the interlinking, the more it will help you stay fresh online. While building internal links, the experts may need to tailor with your site design, layout and structure as these things matter a lot in making a site look professional.

External Links Building:

Links building hold great importance in the world of SEO. Every optimization expert will must suggest you to build some external links of your web pages so that visitors slip on your land via those links.

There are two ways of doing this; first is paid advertising which means that you pay some money to different well-established sites of your niche that they display your links while the second is that you post your links by yourself in comments and blog sections of other website. The whole purpose of this exercise is to get some indirect traffic.

Examining Competitors:

The SEO expert will perform an audit of your website first and then compare it with other sites of your niche. This competition will let him know how and where to start from. The competitors examination helps learning some good lessons that can be used to improve your own stuff.

You may find some loopholes and some sharp edges over there and then revamp your campaign accordingly. Unless you compare with others, you cannot try to become better and superior.

Marketing Through Social Media:

Human capital is the backbone of every business in this age. There is no concept of doing a venture and making it successful without letting others know what you are doing actually. The best way of involving public into your online campaigns is marketing your stuff on the platforms of social media.

Currently, there are available hundreds of social networks and communities on internet and tech entrepreneurs are using them effectively for getting their desired results. What an SEO will do is to make fan pages of your site on social networks and sing up for different communities.

Some of the best eCommerce social platforms include Google+, Netlog, Sina, Friendster, Classmates, Linkedin and Facebook etc. With your active presence on these forums, you can be able to market your stuff easily and get a lot of traffic.

An In-depth SEO:

Once done with these basis SEO work, now is the time to dig deep. There are thousands of tools available for digging. Some experts use these few while others use those few, but some of the common ones are as follows.

SEO Types:

Basically search engine optimization has two major types: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Each one is performed with the help of certain tools and techniques.

On-Page SEO:

The On-Page SEO includes all those tools that are deployed to make a webpage look better, professional and relevant to what you are offering exactly. So, what SEO experts do is to follow these footsteps:

Keywords Research And Analysis:

There is no denying the fact that keywords pay a great role in perking your website up. The more relevant and frequent keywords you have, the more are the chances of appearing your site in top rankings of search engine results.

SEO experts try to find out exact and effective keywords for your web pages via tactics like Google Adword and then immerse those keywords into your site. Every page on web should have different but relevant keywords. Moreover, they also ensure proper keywords density in the content. Once done adding, experts now analyze the impact and result of those keywords.

Webmaster Submission:

Webmaster Submission is also a necessary measure to enable search engines track your website easily and quickly. What SEO persons do here is to create a sitemap of your website through different tools like Google Webmaster and then submit that sitemap to different available webmaster platforms. This will make you stand better in the rankings of search engines.


Analytics is the activity that keeps you updated about your website daily so that you can be able to make changes for good and improve the week areas. It helps an SEO guy to know how website is responding to the visitors, how it is performing in search engines and where it lags actually.

The best way to do it is Google Analytics. Thus, an expert will first of all configure a good analytics software on your site and then starting tracking it.

Search Engine Submission:

You cannot be able to compete in the market of websites and gain the acknowledgement of search engines, unless you register your existence on these engines. So, the SEO expert will submit your web pages to the directories of different search engines so that they can be able to index you easily at the time of need.

Adding Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions:

Meta Titles and Meta Description refer to the stuff that first appears in the result list of search engine. So these two things work as barometer for your website. The catchy and attractive they are, the more they entice visitors to land on your websites. An SEO expert puts great focus on making pleasant titles and descriptions of your website content and then submitting them.

Adding ALT Tags:

ALT Tags stand for alternative text or the text description of images posted on a website. Some people simply attach and post images without adding these tags. This is not good for search engines. By adding proper and relevant tags and descriptions for all images will help an engine to track and rank your stuff well. So, SEO people always bother to add these tags.

Adding H1 Tags:

An H1 Tag is just like a catchy heading of an article or essay that has the capacity grab attention of readers. Used in HTML codes, H1 Tags are the words that define your web pages properly and exactly. These tags help search engines to track your content easily also help visitors to understand what you are all about. So, SEO experts always suggest adding H1 Tags to all pages.

Content Quality:

Whatever SEO tools you deploy, the ultimate thing is content quality. If you are doing all the tough optimization drills but your text, image and video content is poor, plagiarized and outdated, you will get nothing at the end of the day.

So, the main thing is to post fresh, updated, relevant, accurate and authentic content on every nook and corner of your website. The consultant will do it first of all and then go for other tools.

Off-Page SEO:

This sort of SEO refers to the activities that experts do behind the scene. This is just like what happens behind a TV camera to make a show look attractive and healthy. Some of the key SEO activities are as follows.

Social Bookmarking:

You cannot be able to survive in the world of internet unless you have a dynamic presence on social networking forums.  What an SEO guy does is to make accounts on these forums and link them with your website. Some of the leading social panels are Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Being bookmarked with these platforms will help you market your content easily and gather enough visitors for your website. But this thing is not confined to make accounts only, rather there involves a long and enduring process of maintaining and updated your social pages.

For this purpose, you have to add and follow people of your interest and share your stuff with them. SEO experts do all this for their clients.

Articles Submission:

Submitting articles and blogs to online syndicates and directors is also an effective SEO strategy. This helps you get some good back links that eventually generate traffic for you. SEO persons write interesting and informative articles and submit them to different forums like Ezinearticles etc.

Guest Posting:

This is a good indirect method of creating links and generating traffic. In this technique, experts contact different blogging forums and then pitch bloggers to take your content. After accepting your offers, they post blogs, written by you, on their platforms along with links to your web pages. This diverts traffic to you. Some good forums for this purpose are Blogger Link Up and My Blog Guest.

Article Trading:

Article Trading is something similar to Guest Blogging, but this is a two-way process. You write and post articles on others websites and they do on yours. Thus, you both trade links to each other’s sites. This helps both the parties to share traffic between each other and thus, both get benefit out of it.

Email Marketing:

This is also an effective strategy to make others aware of your online presence. You can make some interesting emails to those who are in your contact list as well as others of your interest by getting IDs from online databases. These bulk emails can boost up your traffic suddenly.

Creating & Submitting RSS Feed:

Every good website has RSS feed these days. If you do not have, get it today as it is a decent SEO tool. The feed helps you get statistics on your subscribers as well as some links. Good SEO experts installs and configures RSS feed in first few steps so that you can be able to see against what you are offering.

Submitting Directories/Business Listings:

There are hundreds of thousands of online directories, linked to search engines, available that provide SEO guys a facility to submit their website links and descriptions on them. So, registering yourself to these directories is an effective way to sneak into the digital world silently.

For your website to grow fast, you need to submit up to one thousand popular directories like web cam directories, logo design directories and RSS directories etc.

EDU, University & GOV Links Creation:

The best way to gain quick and authentic traffic is to have you link posted on the websites of different educational institutes and government departments, because such websites get thousands of visits every day. Thus, you can get traffic easily. A SEO person will be able to manage this for you through his/her sources.

Submitting Press Release:

Press release submission is just like articles submission. You write simple notes on your website stuff and your activities and post them to online PR syndicates which distribute them in bulk. In most cases, this is a paid activity. is a prime forum for this purpose.

Having a Wikipedia Page:

Wikipedia is a strong database and it always helps its users to have active presence on search engines. You must manage to create a Wikipedia page for your website and fill it with all necessary description. In certain cases, it is hard to get your page approved from Wikipedia, but SEO experts can do it for you with ease.

The Last Word:

These are just a few prominent SEO tools and techniques; a lot more are left yet. As told above, the SEO world is just like a sea where you will find hundreds of thousands of ways to do a same thing. To go through this entangled and complicated world, you need a proper guide and that guide is SEO expert.

Without his help, you will be lost somewhere in deep and cold water and might be get eaten by crocodiles. So, always walk with a good SEO consultant and sail smooth through all the turbulent waters.

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