How to Select Targeted Keywords According Google Hummingbird

With recent changes in behavior of famous search engine Google, things have certainly changed in the world of SEO. Whether it is simple technique of keyword analysis or complex process of link building, every strategy is going through some drastic changes all over the world.

The latest update of Hummingbird has influenced basic SEO technique of keyword analysis to great deal.

However, some important techniques can help you to enhance your keyword analysis are listed as follow:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

a. Keyword analysis through Google keyword Planner:

Keyword planner by Google is one free tool available for SEO purpose that enable you to search for important information regarding particular keywords. Through this tool you can find significant information such as search volume for particular keyword and ideas for relative keywords.

This tool is more preferred by internet marketers, as source of information of this tool is world’s most trusted search engine that is Google.

Using keyword without related information is similar to play hit and trial. Unlike previous keyword tools, Google keyword planner give you important information for keyword that also allow you to evaluate future perspective of for SEO through that keyword.

b. High search volume keywords but less competitive in nature:

One important aspect of SEO    is to find right keywords for SEO purpose and such keywords can be less competitive in nature but should exhibit high volume search through keyword analysis tool. Such keywords can earn you good amount of traffic without much competition and hassle.

c. Long Tail Keywords or keyword phrases:

Gone are the days when single keywords were used for SEO of any website. Nowadays, search engines prefer long tail keywords that provide some information to user or usually seek by users in form of queries.

Keywords Selection for SEO

Keywords Selection for SEO

Following are different type of keywords preferred by modern internet marketers:

* Informative keywords

Such keywords are usually associated with keywords about which users required some information or knowledge. These key phrases include Best Way to, “How to”, “Ways to” or “I Need to” etc.

* Product keywords

For SEO of online products you can specific category for your product and related to your brand name. Such keywords enable you to attract users that are not concerned with Buy now keywords and prefer to investigate for brand before purchase.

Such keywords include Review, Top 10, Specific product, Best, Affordable, Cheap, comparison etc.

* Buy now keywords

These keywords are for actual buyers of the product. These buyers usually look for immediate purchase and eager to find any feasibility for that. Such keywords include discounts, buy, deals, coupons etc.

Comprehensive keyword analysis ensure long term SEO results for website and as well as for business.