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online seo training

online seo training

You will not find a single person who has not heard about terminology of SEO nowadays.

However, large number of people asks what SEO actually is?

Different people define SEO differently.

According to some people SEO is use of different tactics and techniques to increase traffic of website while there are many who define SEO as cheating Google to acquire higher rankings at search engine.

However, this is not how it happens.

In my opinion Search Engine Optimization or most commonly known as SEO is art of marketing your website among of millions of other websites in such a way that quality and standard of your website should be accredited by Google itself in form of better ranking and better returns.

With increasing number of websites in the world of internet, significance of SEO is also increasing day by day. Due to this reason every person or business that owns a website should be aware of what SEO is and how it can impact their online presence.

Although you will find large number of companies offering SEO services for your website, but as SEO is a continuous process therefore for quality SEO of your website you may need to pay these companies good amount of money on regular basis.

Thus, it is recommended that every person who owns a website for personal or business use should have knowledge about SEO and how one can deploy SEO strategies by themselves for success of their website.

Advantages of learning SEO

Learning SEO methodologies and strategies offer wide range of benefits such as:

– Learning SEO will help you to achieve top ranking for your website in ethical way
– Organic SEO along with modern SEO strategies will ensure your online success more effectively
– You know your audience best and that will also help you deploy SEO strategies more systematically
– Doing SEO yourself will also help you save good amount of money and you will be able to understand status of your website clearly
– Understanding SEO will also help you to understand Google and other renowned search engines and thus, you can improve your website according to needs of market

Acknowledging need of quality SEO for your website, we have designed special SEO courses considering need of market and changed algorithm of Google.

There are two main types of courses offered:

a) Basic Course

b) Professional Training Course

a) Basic Training

This is basic SEO training that will enable you to understand Google more closely and with help of authentic Google tools you can monitor your website conveniently.

This course includes knowledge of following tools:



Google Webmasters

Google webmasters is a non paid service offered by Google that facilitates webmasters for their SEO activities by allowing them to check indexing of their website and also help to enhance visibility of their website.

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Being expert of using Google analytics enable you to keep a close watch on traffic generated on your website. Traffic of your website helps you evaluate your SEO strategies and let you modify them before it is too late.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics vs G+

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Although new algorithm of Google has modified conventional SEO strategies but one thing has never changed that is significance of keywords used in your SEO techniques.

Google keyword planner helps you to plan keywords related to your website and also depicts demand of these keywords at present time.

Google Keyword Planner

b) Professional Training

Along with basic courses we also offer in depth professional training that will not only prepare you to handle complete SEO of your website but will also help you to work as SEO specialist in professional manner.

Some important strategies include in this course are:

Keywords Research and Analysis

Keyword is building block of SEO.

Almost all SEO strategies revolve around selected keywords therefore, it is important that for successful SEO one chose related keywords that are also in demand.

Thus, keywords research and analysis is basic step of SEO that ever webmaster should know.

Keywords Research and Analysis

On Page Optimization

Nowadays, on page optimization has become an important part of website development. Only well designed website along with modern SEO techniques integrated can only achieve its objectives more seamlessly.

On Page optimization include various strategies like using tags and Meta tags, content integration, using keywords etc.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off page optimization

Once website is completed and launched now only off page SEO can help your website to mark its presence in thousands of other website.

Off page optimization include wide range of strategies and techniques that not only enable your website to achieve better ranking among renowned search engine but also make sure that your message is conveyed to your target audience through your website.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing/Social Signals

Social Media marketing is also known as SMO that is Social Media Optimization and it is one of most effective SEO strategy used all over the world.

In this strategy social media along with social signals are integrated with website such as Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed that enable webmaster to create buzz in online industry through these resources.

Social media marketing enable marketers to get attention of their target audience in more direct way.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of many SEO practices that will help website to get noticed by target audience. Through social bookmarking you can tag your website and can save it for review later on.

Your website is viewed and shared by various other visitors that enhance credibility of your website.

For this purpose you can use dedicated social bookmarking websites that enable users to manage, share and organize their preferred web pages conveniently.

Through social bookmarking you can not only acquire quality back links for your website but you can also enhance traffic of your website successfully.

SEO vs Social Media

B2B Social Media

Blog Creation (Web 2.0)

With recent updates in algorithm of Google quality content has become more important than ever. Thus, a quality blog can prove to be oxygen for your SEO strategies.

However, if your quality Web 2.0 blog is not present at right place it will certainly does not fulfill its purpose.

Thus, creating quality blog and linking it through Web 2.0 can help you to achieve your targets and will also earn quality links. For this purpose Web 2.0 blog creation and link building offer right solution for your SEO needs.

Blogging Tips

Fundamentals of Blogging

Frequent Mistakes People Make While Blogging

Creating Facebook Account & Fanpage Promotion for Likes



Social media has become hot cake these days for internet marketing. However, it needs skills and experience to use social media for SEO purpose. In Social media Facebook is most widely used social network.

Millions of the people around the world communicate with each other every day.

Creating Facebook account & using Fanpage promotions for Likes is strategy that can help you earn more traffic for your website.

For this purpose you need to understand your audience and their likes so that you can post material on your Fanpage that can interest them and get their attention in the way you want.



Twitter Promotion

After Facebook, Twitter is most in demand social networking platform. Presence of large number of users on this platform worldwide can help you enhance your presence on search engine.

This is due to the reason that renowned search engines are using tweets for indexing purpose also.

Tweets are used by search engines like flash contents and multimedia files that can help them evaluate any website and index them accordingly.

However, for this purpose you should understand Twitter and phenomenon of Tweets so that you can use according to your niche market.

Forum Posting

Forums are social platforms that can help people discuss their opinions according to their interests. Due to its popularity forum posting is also widely used medium for purpose of SEO.

You can generate high quality traffic for your website through forums. However, for this purpose it is mandatory that you should do it right way.

Wrong forum posting can jeopardize your reputation and can prove to be spammy and correct forum most can prove you online expert.

Through forum posting you can target your niche market more conveniently and acknowledge your presence with name and place. Your posts and opinions should be crafted carefully and you should participate with correct information so that it can contribute to you credibility.

With every right post you will be considered more seriously by experts of target industry and this will eventually attract more traffic for your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is form of direct online marketing as through this you target those people who have already shown interest in your website. Remember, irrelevant email marketing can lead to spam emails and can affect your reputation badly.

However, if you target those people who have agreed to receive newsletter from you by providing you their email information or have been your customer previously, they would like to hear from you on and off.

Email marketing can be used for promotional purposes or for offering new products or discounts or to announce any new products that can interest your target audience.

Interesting information can be shared by your potential customer to other relevant people and that can help you generate genuine traffic for your website. Through quality email marketing you can convert your audience from reader to potential customer.

Rss Feed Creation and Submissions

With increasing use of mobile devices and I-gadgets RSS feeds has become an important part of SEO. Through RSS feed creation and submission will help you to address wider range of audience and that will also enhance traffic on your website in less time.

RSS or Really Simple Syndication help you to keep your audience attuned to any updates more quickly. These RSS feeds can be integrated with your website will improve ranking of your website more effectively.

Do Follow Blog Commenting

DoFollow Blog Commenting

DoFollow Blog Commenting

Blogs has always been significant part of SEO however; blogs that allow Do Follow Commenting can also prove to be an important asset for SEO of your website.

Do follow blogs allow their visitors to add their follow up link through their comments and help them to attain quality links for their website.

However, wrong use of such blogs can turn your SEO efforts spammy and can be harmful for reputation of your website.

Thus, for this purpose it is important to identify blogs related to your industry so that your comment can also prove to be valuable for blog and reader.

Submission in Google Places Page –

When customer usually needs to locate some business nearby their location the first thing they approach is Google places. This trend has increased more with use of mobile devices and smartphones. Thus, if your business is listed in Google Places Page it will be easier for your potential customers to locate you.

Submission in Global Places page you can give your customers contacts details they need along with maps, links and images for detail review.

Thus, promoting your business through global places page can get more traffic for your website and can also help you to reach your customers directly.

Blog Directories Submission

As we have already mentioned that quality blog is important for successful SEO of your website so, it is also quite obvious that blog directories submission is equally important SEO strategy for success of your website.

Quality blog can be defined as blog with unique and interesting content that offer some useful information for readers but quality blogs should be submitted to high ranked blog directories as for any information users usually approach high standard directories at first.

Through properly planned blog directories submission you can acquire quality back links for your website that will also enhance ranking of your website on search engines.


Directory Submission

One major purpose of creating website for your business is to get noticed by your potential customers however, if your website does not appear within first two pages of search engine against its relevant keywords then your website will hardly get notices by your target audience.

This is due to the reason that people usually do not spend more time on search engines and usually does not explore beyond two to three pages of search engine.

Thus, for better ranking on SERP and to get attention of your potential audience you need to apply right strategies of SEO. Directory submission is also one such SEO technique that can improve your ranking through quality link building.

For directory submission you can submit your website to different online directories or business directories. However, it is also important to use high ranking directories for this purpose as these directories are considered seriously by search engines.

Answer Site Marketing –



With rapidly changing online industry it is important for professional internet marketers to keep searching for new ways to promote their website in this competitive world of online marketing.

New ways of approaching online users can help you enhance communication with them and you can drive more traffic to your website that means more profits and sales for your business.

Yahoo Answers give you unique way of interacting with you potential customers in productive way. Yahoo Answer is basically a website that enables users to ask different questions about any type of issue. When people answer these questions they usually also leave reference to their resource through their answer.

Thus, as internet marketer you can search question related to niche of your website and can provide useful information through answer and can lead users to your website.

However, people should remember that answers given on such reputed platforms should be relevant and useful for users as they are also voted for their quality and only quality content on these platforms can be useful for your SEO activities.

Creating Profile Links

Profile Link building is conventional SEO method used by SEO experts for long period of time. However, improper and unplanned use of this strategy has result in spam content and that damaged reputation of various websites.

Thus, it is important to use this technique carefully and for this purpose you can post link of your website on most widely used social sites.

However, it is important for you to learn how to keep interaction of users alive and encourage them for more number of hits for your website.

Classified Ad posting



Classified Ad Posting is another successful SEO strategy that will pave your way to reach your target market directly.

However, ad posting is not all about posting link of your website on classified ads website. For fruitful ad posting you need to craft your ads with skill and quality content.

Right use of keywords can also help your ads to get noticed by search engines like Yahoo and Google.

It is important to make your ads interesting with images and required information and no one can stop your potential customer to notice your ad and click on link of your website.

Press Release Submission



Press release is type of content that contains some time oriented and noteworthy news regarding your website products or your online business. However, press release cannot be defined as advertisements.

Through press release you can inform people regarding influence of your business on other people apart from your business and such releases can include different events and activities of your business that you think can interest your potential users.

However, to write press release for your business purpose it is important that you should be aware of pattern of writing press release and your content is good enough to interest your readers.

Squidoo Lenses Creation –

Squidoo is modern internet resource that enables you to market your website and can generate more revenue for your website along with better search engine page ranking. For this purpose you can use free Squidoo webpage and can create lens for your website.

This lens integrates video, content, links and graphics for your website on basis of themes.

You can promote your Squidoo lens with other SEO strategies and can earn good ranking of your lens and this lens will generate more traffic for your website.

Lens can be created on subject related to your website or you can also tell story of your business using same resource. Expert use of Squidoo lenses can give desired results for your website and its SEO.

HubPage Blog creation –

Like Squidoo Lenses, HubPages is also valuable resource that can help your share important information through blogs to other users. You can create HubPage blog and can share your quality articles with your target audience through this platform.

To create HubPage Blog you can choose any type of topic you want however, it is recommended to use topics that are related to your website. You can also integrate various tools offered by HubPages to your website that enhance features of website to great extent.

HubPage also help you to integrate widgets by popular websites to your website that will make your website look more useful to visitors.

Increasing likes to your Diggs

Along with Facebook, Digg is also one of the most well know social website where people can discover and share content of their interest. According to one report more than 20 million people have visited Digg during month of March that year.

However, to use Digg for SEO purpose you need to submit interesting and informative content that can earn more number of likes within limited time as with passage of time your story will be pushed down in list of submitted content.

More likes to your content can also earn more traffic for your website that also will improve search engine credibility of your website.

Stumbles, Pinterest and other Social Likes/Tweets

Social networking has modified the way people used to interact on internet once and for all. This has also influenced the procedures of SEO as integrating social media button on your website has become inevitable.

You can find wide range of social websites along with conventional social networking platforms such as Stumbles and Social tweets. Stumble upon is a social platform where users can find websites and content of their interest conveniently.

Submitting your website to such social website along with interesting content such as videos, images and related content can help you receive direct traffic and quality links for your website. However, using this resource must need expertise of search engine optimization and knowledge of quality content.

EDU Links Creation

Being part of field of SEO one should be aware value of EDU link creation. Edu links are more beneficial for SEO of the website than usual back links earned with other SEO strategies.

Renowned search engine like Google give more credit to edu domains than others. This is due to the reason that EDU domain is usually associated with educational and academic institutes and information from such links is always considered valuable by search engine.

Thus, getting back links from EDU domain is better than getting 10 links from other regular domains.

However, this is not an easy task to accomplish. Usually Edu webmasters are not much interested in exchanging links from other commercial website therefore, it is important to be creative to get your target links from such domains.

One way of doing so is blog commenting method but this is most widely used method and for long term results it is important to use SEO strategies more wisely.

Gov links Creation

Along with Edu domain, gov domain is also highly ranked by search engines. Thus, back links from Gov domains can also credibility of your website to great extent.

But, getting back links from Gov domain is not an easy task as Gov domains are usually reserved for government official websites and users of these domains are rarely interested in commercial websites.

However, right use of SEO techniques can give you desired results with consistent efforts. For this purpose you can use Forum posting or Blog commenting to get back links for your website.

However, always remember that content you use for this purpose should not be spammed and should give proper and valid information to your potential audience.

link wheel

link wheel

Link Wheels creation

Links wheels creation can benefit internet marketer by acquiring higher rating for his website at renowned search engines. With correct Link wheel people can enhance ranking of their website and can also generate more traffic and better profits.

Through link wheels large number of websites can link to your website with help of primary layer. These websites generate more back links for your website and result in improved ranking of your website accordingly.

Link wheels use resources such as article directories, free blogger sites, social bookmarking sites and Web 2.0 sites. You can create webpage of your own on these platforms that will eventually promote your target website.



Link Baiting

SEO experts understand value of back links for promotion of any website. Thus, they cannot deny value of link baiting in earning more links for successful SEO of any website.

Although this term may sound somewhat negative for some people but effect of this strategy certainly is not negative at all. In this strategy you use high quality content that interest your potential readers to earn links for your target website.

Along with content you can also use different applications, games, videos and other interesting content as bait for your website but using it right way can gibe fruitful result for your website.

link pyramid

link pyramid

Link Pyramid

Link Pyramid is professional SEO strategy and should be deployed by SEO experts only. With team of experts this SEO technique can be used more effectively and can prove to be highly effective for SEO of target website.

Although this is a fact that Google value links from higher authorities and give less value to links that are achieved from weaker resources such as forums, blogs, ad posting etc.

However, both type of links can add credibility to your website if use wisely. To use back linking more effectively link pyramids are devised and can give effective results in shorter period of time.

Quick Links Indexing

Links indexing is most important for your website to survive within its target market. Although with help of different SEO strategies you can index your link among famous search engines however, this process is quite time consuming.

Along with other SEO strategies, methods of quick link indexing should be adopted that can help your website to get indexed by search engines in shorter period of time.

Indexing of link will help to get attentions of your target audience that will also enhance traffic of your website and will improve its ranking in SERP.

These are some of SEO strategies that can help you to achieve better ranking of your website along with more traffic and more revenue and profit.

However, deploying these strategies need proper training, skills and expertise as any wrong step can lead to penalty by Google in no time.

Understanding search engine, using keywords and understanding your audience can only help you excel in this intricate yet interesting world of SEO.