What is PPC-Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the process of paying for advertising on sites and search engines but the advertiser is not charged unless someone clicks on an ad.

It is a type of sponsored online advertising that is used on a wide range of websites. In a way, PPC advertising works like a silent auction. When a web user types a search query into the field of a search engine that matches the advertiser’s keyword list or visits a web page with content that correlates to the keywords or phrases chosen by the advertiser, the PPC ad may be displayed on the page.

Pay per click

Pay per click

It can allow for much quicker wins in visibility or conversions for advertisers whereas SEO is a long term effort of building a community to help your organic presence. Similar to SEO, content of the ads and relevancy are significant factors in getting ads to show in the top position.

In an auction setting like Google’s, an advertiser only ends up paying just a bit more than the one below them, after all Ad Ranks are evaluated.

Why do advertisers pay for these ads when they can try to rank naturally for free?

l  Real-estate on the search engine results pages is at a premium.

l  Many users simply click on the first link of the results page, regardless of whether it’s an ad or an organic listing.

l  The opportunity to generate conversions can be heightened when ads are prominently displayed.

The most important thing to remember is that ad relevancy to the searcher/web surfer is most important and will ultimately lead to the most efficient PPC campaigns, depending on an advertiser’s goals.

This process can take time, and there’s no concrete answer for how to rank #1. Overall, PPC ads are beneficial to advertisers and web users alike.