Paypal Account in Pakistan is Banned-Learn Why?

PayPal is a digital wallet or you may say it a money transfer company that helps people from across the globe to send and receive payments of any kind. For freelancers, internet entrepreneurs, marketing affiliates, web shops and online shopping lovers, PayPal is just a blessing which guarantees all of their transactions in time and with complete security.

But unfortunately, PayPal is not offering its services in Pakistan due to tough State Bank regulations and plenty of internet scams. As Pakistan is a rapidly rising market of information and communication technologies, there are many people involved in online business over here and they all need PayPal.

Since scam is rife in this land, there exist a number of agents and companies which claim to have access to PayPal and they offer their service to get PayPal accounts for Pakistanis. This all is fraud. What they do is to create accounts using wrong information and PayPal deletes these fake accounts by tracking IP soon.

So what to do now?

No need to worry at all as we are here to get your PayPal payments cleared with sheer guarantee and absolute security. You should be totally indifferent towards the issues and process of your online PayPal transactions; we will take the whole responsibility. You will just work and we get your payments for you.

That best thing is that we have devised a fool-proof system that may save you from all sorts of scams. Your transactions will be made while keeping your personal and financial details in secret. Moreover, we make all transactions in time.

We deal in all forms of PayPal transactions including:

  • Family payments
  • Business Payments
  • Personal Payments
  • Clients Payments
  • Shopping Payments


So you want your PayPal payments safely and work comfortably?

Just join us and get all what you want. We deliver payments in all cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Abbot bad, and Quetta etc. No matter wherever you are and what you are doing, you will receive and send money with ease.

Our way of work is quite simple and authentic. We receive your payments from your clients in your PayPal accounts and then deliver those to you in local currency. The whole of this is reliable and scam-free.

Now, you can easily start any online business and buy or sell anything anywhere online while sitting in Pakistan. This is a good news for the freelancers who are currently forced to get work through middle men on low rates.

Due to not having PayPal accounts, they are unable to sign up for most of the online work forums directly and thus, they have to rely on intermediary companies. Now, you will be able to apply for all sorts of freelance assignments freely as we assure to secure your payments.

Since affiliate marketing is also a growing trend across the globe, the Pakistani tech entrepreneurs and internet savvies can also plunge in this sector without bothering about PayPal accounts. Just set up your on blog or website and starting selling products, we shall bring to your commissions quickly and legally.

Can you have PayPal account in Pakistan?

Having a PayPal account in Pakistan means you are connected to the whole world and all your financial needs are met on international standards. Getting PayPal through us will save you from all the legal issues as you are not going to deal with the mess involved in sending and receiving money overseas. We will deal with the whole situation on your behalf.

Thus, your dream of having your own PayPal in Pakistan is going to be true now. You no more need to put your ventures and desires on hold due to the inability of your currency to cross borders. Just come up and restart all of your hampered projects and earn as much as you want.

Since internet services are spreading fast in all corners of Pakistan, there are many people especially educated women who like and want to do blogging from home, but in most cases they cannot be able to do so for not having a verified method of payments.

Some manage to get PayPal accounts by entering wrong city and country name, but they are blocked when fail to verify those accounts. Remember, PayPal requires at least one overseas bank account to let you make transactions from its platforms.

There is a Yahoo Contributor Network which offers the bloggers unlimited opportunities to earn, but the Pakistani writers are not able to avail this all without PayPal. Now, this will also be in your range.

Our offer is like a cool breeze to those Pakistanis who have got disappointed of having PayPal accounts and who have been robbed by scammers many times. Enjoying PayPal in Pakistan is all in your reach now.

The best thing about PayPal is that it does not let others to access your confidential financial details, not even those who send you money. This height of confidentiality is the reason behind PayPal’s success. We also promise to follow the same rule, saving you from cyber crimes and frauds.

PayPal is Banned in Pakistan:

Since PayPal banned in Pakistan, the online merchants of Pakistan have continuously been looking for some alternatives but in vain as almost 95 percent of internet business is based on PayPal just. We have effectively managed to make a patch up between Pakistan and PayPal. These two Ps will now live together forever.

So, get rid of scams and join hands with us. We are a strong bridge between you and PayPal. Every Pakistani can now have a PayPal account in Pakistan; not just an account, but a verified account as verification is the most important thing in the whole system of PayPal.

Now, you can work for overseas clients, hire foreign contractors for your work, buy any international brand, sell your products anywhere in the world and share money with your family and friends easily and quickly with a valid PayPal account created by us.

The thing that seemed to be impossible a while ago will seem to you quite easy now. So do not wait. Just rise up, get your PayPal account, reach directly to international clients and pile up your revenues.