On Site and Off Site SEO techniques for 2015

In 2015 SEO experts have to face many challenges with change in attitude and behavior of Google by latest search algorithm. Thus, with all this revolution in the world of search engine optimization it has become important for SEO marketers to devise new ways to improve their field of SEO.

SEO 2015

SEO 2015

Some basic techniques that can help SEO marketers to meet need of modern search engine are as follow:

Informative and quality content is what users actually look for

No matter how change the attitude of search engine is, one thing will always be valued by users as well as by search engines and that is good quality content. Quality of content is measured by different factors.

These factors include type of content written that is content should be descriptive in nature however; it should be too long that it become boring for reader. So along with description content should be able to build interest of the reader.

Second thing that will evaluate quality of content is how unique the content is. Unique information always entices readers. These things enhance quality as well as ranking of any content used for SEO purpose.

Title and Meta Description

Title of the content should be search engine optimized and therefore, it should not only be relevant to contentbut should be integrated with keyword phrase in effective way. It is recommended that length of title should not exceed 65 characters.

Along with title content should include Meta description that should be short in length and provide necessary information at first glance. This Meta description is still valued by search engines.

Use of keywords

Nowadays, content stuffed with keywords is highly discouraged by search engines. Right keyword density should be maintained in the content and keywords should be used if and when required.

Likewise, you can use keyword within URL of the content as meaningful URL is appreciated by search engines. Content should be well structured and using headings enhance readability of the content to great extent.

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords or LSI keywords are in demand by search engines. LSI keywords help avoiding stuffing of single keyword in content. Rather you can search for relevant LSI keywords on internet and such keywords can be used safely throughout the content.

Off Page SEO

Along with these on Page SEO techniques, some off page SEO techniques that can help you enhance your SERP include using social media for SEO purpose and developing quality link building for your website, with help of social media will help to divert more traffic to your website.

For this purpose you can use different social media signals such as Facebook, Twitter, and RSS etc. Social media also enable you to get quality links for your website.

All these tips for on page and off page SEO will enable you to improve your SEO practices and ranking for your website in authentic way.