Top On Page Optimization Techniques that will get you Ranked in Google

Mostly people are concerned about off page SEO to build back-links for better rankings. The have forgotten importance of on page SEO. The thing is unless and until you are perfect at doing on site optimization; the chances of getting top rankings are quite less. But if you are really good at it, you are surely going to win top ranks on Google and other search engines.



Now let’s check what is the most important on-site optimization factors that are most essential for good ranks.

  • Good Quality Content

Content is the most important factor in improvement of your website’s visibility in search engine. Unique, informative and creative content is the key to success in SEO world.

  • Title Tag

Although some internet marketers now consider that title tags have lost their importance.  But genuine Online marketing experts stills consider title tags an important part of website promotion techniques. It’s good practice to include focus keyword in your title tag. But don’t make it spam. Avoid including all keywords in title. Another important thing is to make title tags unique on all pages of website.

  • Meta Tag Description

Meta description is most important not only from search engine but also user point of view. The short description of around 165 characters must be unique, to the point and comprehensive. So that the user a single glance gets the idea of your web page’s subject. A good Meta description naturally draws huge potential traffic.

  • Header Tags

Header tags i.e. H1-H6 can help tremendously in your search engine marketing efforts. For better results at least go to H3 tag with primary keyword in H1 and secondary keywords in H2, H3 tags.

The above factors if considered and practiced properly can prove to really helpful in ranking your website to top in search engine results.