Off-Page SEO

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization includes all those techniques and measures that are employed at the back end of a website in a bid to perk up its ranking on search engines. This form of SEO has nothing to do with the outlook or content of a site, rather it tends to revamp and improvise its chemistry covertly.

The truth is that Off-Site SEO is somehow more important than the one we do on web pages. It provides complete back-up and logical support to what appears on interface. Therefore, its procedure is more complicated and tricky.

Why You Need Off-Site SEO?

There is no denial that SEO is the basic need of every website that is meant for survival in the digital world, and off-site SEO is the spine of the whole of this process. It is learnt that Google applies 200 different scales to measure a website’s quality and worth while indexing it, so this is not possible for a site to appear in top rankings unless its software, content, outlook and promotional tactics are perfect with the last one being most significant.

In simple words, off-site SEO is meant for promoting a website in a way that search engines start indexing it in every relevant query. This promotion is done with different tools some of which are as follows.

Off-Site SEO Strategies:

In the off-site SEO process, there are involved a number of technical strategies some of which are:

1) Link Building:

Of Google’s 200-point criteria of evaluating a site, inbound links is at the top. While gauging a website or blog, Google verifies how many inbound links it has got and what do those links exist and what is the quality of the sites where links come from.

Thus, link building holds great value in off-site SEO tools. In this method, the SEO expert maneuvers to place a targeted website’s URLs on other relevant forums. Here the authenticity and relevancy of those forums matters a lot, because bad inbound links do more harm than advantage.

There can be different ways of building links. One is to exchange your links with different sites of your genres, the other is to put sponsored links and the third effective one is to place your links in comments under the posts of other websites.

Another effective technique is to publish your press releases, articles and blogs on different websites by incorporating your links inside the stuff.

2) Social Media Marketing:

Social media has turned to be a monstrous marketing forum these days. Whatever you need to sell, you can do with the help of social networking sites. By employing this technique, the SEO experts make social media pages of the targeted websites, add/follow like minded people over there, get likes and back links and thus raise traffic. There are available a number of online communities that can be utilized to market web pages.

3) Video Marketing:

A simple and effective way of marketing a website is to capture a video of different services and products that you offer on your website and then upload this video on online video portals like youtube along with links. This helps generate traffic to a great extent.

4) Banner Ads:

This is also a reasonable strategy. The SEO guys design catchy adds of the targeted websites and get them published on social media forums or other commonly visited sites. By clicking on ad, the surfers can end up to the website linked with it. This is a paid activity.

5) Submission Of Directories:

This is an old yet effective SEO tool. There are available hundreds of online database directors which provide free links submission facility. The SEO persons submit links to all or some of these directories which take them to the search engines.

The Last Word:

Along with these five, there are hundreds of other off-site SEO tools available in the market. You can get any or all applied on your website by hiring the services of some professional and expert SEO person.