Why Local Search Is Getting Harder

Local search is essential for marketers and local businesses to keep themselves updated with information regarding growth in local business market and using business utilities like online listing with yellow pages, local business directories, search service based on location, franchise location, local communities for small businesses and mapping tools. However it has been observed with various surveys that more than 60% of people declared that local search is getting harder.



It is a fact that local search has become more convoluted and marketers have to put more effort to achieve desired results. With rapidly changing technologies and online strategies like change in algorithm, increase use of mobile search impact on local search to great extent.

Why different aspects of local search are complex

Different people find different parts of local search difficult. Such as

  • According to survey it is observed that 32% people find reputation management and review generation more difficult than other parts of local search as people cannot control all steps of these processes and they are also time consuming.
  • Similarly, link building and citation are problematic aspects of whole process for almost 28% people.
  • On the other hand 25% people find Google local optimization as trickiest part as Google has to work a lot still, to make whole process flawless.

However, on site optimizations is difficult for only 5% people only because it require more time but offer better control over whole process.

Local search has become difficult due to measure Google has adopted to discourage substandard and short term SEO techniques that were used by local search marketers. Due to this reason various marketers had to face penalties.

Successful local search marketing does not hide in tricking away search engines but it is recommended to pay attention what Google need and develop futuristic SEO strategies for this purpose.Some important tips that can help people in this regard are as follow:

  • Unique, well created and informative content for website and blogs
  • Optimized and accredited listing for Google.
  • Review building in steady way with positive tone.
  • Comprehensive and validated business data.
  • Quality link building.

All these aspects can help solve difficulties people facing for local search.