Keywords Research and Analysis

Keywords & SEO:

Keywords work as spine for the whole process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No matter how effective strategies you have implied to optimize your website or blog, if keywords selection is not accurate, you are going to get nothing at the end.

So, finding exact and relevant keywords and then using them meticulously must be the primary skill of a person who is at the helm of the SEO affairs.

Why To Go For KRA?

If your online presence is meant for some genuine business, you need to go for keywords and research and analysis that is considered to be the most effective and essential part of SEO. The major advantages of KRA include:

  • Planning off-page SEO strategy
  • Understanding completion
  • Finding best keywords for SEO
  • Finding suitable keywords for writing blogs
  • Planning social media marketing
  • Redesigning website structure

Thus, KRA services all these and many more purposes too. It enables a SEO expert to make an effective policy for doing off-site optimization that includes link building, social media marketing, articles posting and directories submission. Moreover, it provides many topics for writing blogs through which users can easily slip onto the targeted website.

Tools For KRA:

Currently, there are available a number of KRA tools online. Before going to the tools, we must understand that each KRA strategy consists of four stages including search, collection, analysis and filtration.

First, a SEO person goes to some search engine and search for different keywords in accordance with the subject matter of the targeted website. After collecting a number of keywords, he/she makes an analysis over them through different tools and finally filters out the irrelevant ones.

Now, he/she is able to have a final set of a few keywords that can be used for rest of the SEO planning.

A good and healthy keywords has three parts like pre-word, core-word and post-word. Core-word is the major part while other two are built around it. For example a keyword is Ladies Jeans Shop. In this keyword, Jeans is core-word while Ladies is pre-word and Shop is post-word.

In a KRA process, a SEO expert has to look after all of the three parts carefully. Missing one can ruin the health of the whole keyword phrase.

Here are a few tools that are used to search keywords.

  • Google Adword Tool
  • Microsoft Adcenter
  • WordTracker
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu
  • Keyword Spy

Out of these, Google Adword poses to be the best and most reliable tool. Moreover, the giant search engine has recently introduced LSI update that enables a SEO person to track all alternative but relevant keywords of a phrase.

The Last Word:

The success of a SEO campaign solely depends on how good keywords you are able to target. Optimization through irrelevant keywords cannot be much fruitful. So, before you go for making social media pages of your website or writing blogs for it or applying on-page and off-page SEO tools; take enough time with KRA.

This will put you on the right track and save a lot of your precious time and money.