Keyword Planner by Google-Secret of Success for Internet Marketer

Keyword planner by Google is an innovative utility used by internet marketers integrated with Google AdWords however, most of SEO content writers are not usually aware of benefits and process of using this tool. Although “Not Provided” feature of Google has restricted direct approach of internet marketers to desired keywords however, Google keyword planner enables you to have a close look on popular keywords and which keywords are more relevant to your brand.

With help of these keywords you can generate search engine optimized content that will not only attract more traffic for your website but will also help to secure good ranking on authentic search engine like Google.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Following process will help you to get access to this powerful tool:

Join Google AdWords

The first step to get access to keyword planner is to join AdWords through Google account. After your account is created at Google AdWords, Keyword Planner will be available under tab of “Tools and Analysis” present within navigation bar.

Using Keyword Planner for your content

Keywords are basically those terms relevant to your products, services or website and used by your potential user to search relevant websites online. You should have done your keyword search prior to initiating your SEO strategies for your website and Keyword Planner can be of great assistance during the process.

Keyword planner offer function of “ad group ideas” or “new keyword” that enables you to find more keywords with help of seed keyword. You can also use different filters available on tabs that will help you to shortlist keywords according to category of your own brand.

List of keywords generated by Keyword Planner can be used in different ways for SEO purpose. For web content you should choose most relevant terms that represent your brand/services directly. For closely related terms you can use them to generate blogs for your website and can also provide useful information to online users related to those keywords.

Evaluation of Keywords

Although Google abstain from showing direct traffic results for each keyword however, with Keyword Planner you can evaluate individual keyword by help of volume of traffic associated with these keywords.

Get Search Volume” help you to enter keywords and display average amount of traffic each keyword receive from search engine. This will also help you to evaluate significance of any keyword you are opted to use for your website.

It is recommended that you use those keywords that have more competition to deal with and also enjoy more search rate by search engines.

However, this is not as easy as it seems to be as choice of keywords and your SEO strategy depends upon goals you want to achieve and market you need to target and Keyword Planner can be your guide during the process.