Is Guest Blogging Spam?

Blogging has become one of mandatory part of digital marketing. However, with immense increase in trend of guest blogging, few concerns have been aroused among community of internet marketers. The main concern in this regard is what if guest blogging is categorized as spam by Google and if guest blogging websites will have to deal with penalty like many other websites.

Mostly people are concerned about how they can avoid spam blogging s and if they can continue using guest blogging successfully for online marketing purpose.



What guest blogging is?

Guest blogging is tricky method through which bloggers’ direct traffic to their target website by posting blogs as guests on other blog websites. Through this method they not only boost traffic of their website but can also improve ranking of their website on search engines.

However, misuse of this method can result in unwanted results such as guest blogs can be declared as spam through Google. However, it is also a fact that Google can fairly distinguish between low quality blogging and high quality blogs especially based on quality of content.

How guest blogging become spam

The first thing that bloggers need to understand is how guest blogging is declared as spam. The only objective of spam blogger is to acquire back links and does not bother about quality of content.

Such blogging strategy is opportunistic only and lack ethical and moral values. These guest bloggers also lack any coordination with your along with your business and only believe in generating numbers.

How to avoid spam blogging

There are some guidelines defined by Google that can help you produce quality blogs and can also guide you choose standard bloggers. These include:

  • You should not reply on guest blogging to earn traffic for your website. Moderate use of this method can certainly help you to enhance ranking and traffic of your website.
  • Offering services of guest blogs through mass email will reduce your credibility and it can also increase chances of getting charged with title of spammer.
  • Always produce unique and original work for individual blog website as reusing your own content again does not fall into category of genuine work.
  • Your blog should contain quality and relevant content.

These points can help you choose professional guest bloggers for your business and can help you generate traffic through organic writing methods that will surely rank your website among renowned search engines.