Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

Many businesses cannot distinguish between inbound and outbound marketing strategies and therefore do not value need of these strategies in promotion of their business effectively.

Without acknowledging root of these marketing strategies and implementing one without other can lead to failure of marketing plan and loss in potential customers. In B2B, contribution comes from both inbound and outbound marketing plans which ensure success in long terms.

In different situations it may happen need of one marketing strategy is more than other however, you will find more business forms where desired results can only be obtained after deploying these strategies in balanced way.

To comprehend difference between these technologies it is important to compare inbound marketing vs outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

If you are one of B2B customers you can realize that today’s buyer does not have enough time to visit trade shows or spare some time to answer promotion calls. Many business owners even cannot find time to read all emails of their mailboxes.

Therefore, old marketing strategies have become quite ineffective with time especially during last five years. Due to this scenario most of marketers, business buyers and sellers and researchers are devising innovative online marketing plans.

Current inbound marketing solutions focus on activities based on SEM and SEO that include analysis of page ranking, analysis of keywords, content optimization and link analysis.The solution based on inbound marketing also exhibit capability to capture leads and other on-site activities such as search history, form completion, page views etc.

Thus, it can be summarize that in inbound marketing, marketers should build system that can capture or identify lead and can also communicate with prospect customer before declaring it as an opportunity in front of salesperson.

Components of Inbound marketing

Following components play an important role in inbound marketing:

* Generating quality content of multiple format is an important component of inbound marketing.These formats include digital or physical documents, videos, online blog posts, web seminars, podcasts and presentations etc.

* Keyword analysis is another significant component that define SEM and SEO strategies.

* Social Media has also become source of attraction for inbound marketers that allow you to share, participate and engage your potential customers in marketing plan.

Activities of Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing strategy include following activities:

* Through inbound marketing, business can get attention without disturbing anyone else path.

* All SEO and PPC activities are part of inbound marketing

* Print media and Public relations also play an important role in this marketing strategy.

* Community building, public speaking, social networking, blogging and viral marketing all are significant inbound strategies.

All these strategies require less cost and less effort than conventional marketing processes.

Outbound Marketing Strategy
Outbound marketing not only help business companies to develop more leads during their marketing activities but also enable companies to enhance their revenue and strengthen their roots among existing customers.

Searching for opportunities among existing customer is far more efficient and need less time to give results. Outbound marketing solutions are target oriented and many of features of inbound marketing overlap with outbound marketing.

Components and strategies used in outbound marketing

Components that are included in outbound marketing are as follow:

* Outbound marketing rely more on automated rules for campaigns.

* Outbound marketing strategies include marketing using resources like television, print media, radio, email, billboards, mobile phones and other conventional methods. The objective of such marketing process is to approach audience directly.

* Repetition is mandatory part of outbound marketing strategies. This repetition keep memory of potential customer fresh until they go and purchase your product.

* Although these repetitive strategies can be blocked by customers conveniently however, they prove to be effective overtime and it has been observed that business organizations spend more than 90% of marketing budget on deployment of outbound marketing processes.

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