Impact of Hummingbird on Link Building

Google has been working continuously to improve the standards of web search with quality websites. Every algorithm by Google has influenced the SEO one way or another by restricting bad quality SEO techniques and strategies.

When Panda arrived it has put check on bad quality content and similarly Penguin hindered poor quality link building.

However, the latest algorithm of Google that is hummingbird has revolutionized the whole processing of search engines and the way people search. In present scenario many people will think that many SEO strategies like link building may not survive for long. However, this is not the case.

hummingbird - link building

hummingbird – link building

To understand impact of hummingbird on link building strategy it is important to understand significance of hummingbird to SEO marketers.

Hummingbird and online marketing

Hummingbird is not merely change in features of search engine but it is itself a new search engine that is designed to give more accurate results that are more relevant to query of users. It is far more efficient and effective than conventional search engines.

Through this algorithm Google has become more users friendly and allow conversational search without any ambiguities.

This scenario has certainly influenced the SEO marketing and the way online marketers work. Now search engine do not only look for bunch of keywords, rather hummingbird has given brain to search engine that enable it to understand what user is actually looking for.

Thus, online marketers may need to use SEO strategies more carefully while understanding what actually their audience is looking for.

Hummingbird and Link building

Although link building strategy is still alive with hummingbird however, there is a need to modify meanings of conventional style link building. Ranking of page is one of many factors that are considered by Hummingbird during search.

Hummingbird has a great impact on link building indirectly.

With Hummingbird it is become difficult to trick Google with low quality content and it can assess website with its own quality signals that also ensure quality and numbers of links to a website.

Also, now the link building is more end user oriented and it is important to provide what actually user is looking for. For this purpose it is important to develop a website that is good enough to earn desired number of links.

For link building the firsts step is to develop quality content that does not only contain “long tail” keywords but should also long lasting with quality information.

Second step to build quality links is to understand target market and for this purpose you need to participate in online communities that are related to your business or website. Your friends can help you in this regard.

This whole process can help you acquire your links more naturally.