Google Hummingbird

What Hummingbird is Actually About
Google is one of the most widely used search engine around the globe. Ranking of your website on this search engine not only validate credibility of your website but also ensure more traffic and enhanced profits. However, ranking of your website on this search engine is determined by search algorithm defined by Google.

Although this algorithm has remain unchanged for quite long time but after assessment of recent SEO activities Google has decided to take initiative and devise new algorithm to facilitate searchers and enhance merits of searching. Hummingbird is recent algorithm by Google and an effort to enhance quality of SEO strategies.

What is Hummingbird
Algorithm is basically formula used by Google to extract required and quality information out of large numbers of resources available online in form of web pages. Hummingbird is new algorithm that enable search engine to return improved results.

The name hummingbird is actually devised from quality of the humming bird that is being fast and precise. This algorithm is combination of modern technology along with conventional search features of Google.

Objective of Hummingbird algorithm
This recent algorithm has revolutionized the way search engine treat your query. The objective of this algorithm is to decipher actual perspective of your query using long tailed keywords instead of concentrating on precise keywords used in queries. The aim of using this practice is to find answer of your question more accurately and only giving quality results to searchers.

Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph
Although idea of hummingbird seems to be less practical to large number of people however, such people should consider extensive experience Google has and knowledge graph available for reference purpose.

This knowledge graph is based on knowledge collected, cross referenced and gathered by Google over period of time. Hummingbird is deployed using Knowledge graph based on this huge database that enables this algorithm to find perfect answer for particular question.

Enhanced search activity
With help of this innovative algorithm, Google has offered improved search activities and introduced feature of “conversational search”. Through this feature users are able to ask their queries through voice input along with text.

In other search engines when query is asked, search engine usually look for keywords present within the query however, Google hummingbird try to understand meaning of whole query and consider every word individually to extract the whole meaning of statement.

Old SEO techniques that still work with hummingbird
Many people may think that conventional SEO techniques may not work with hummingbird however, this is not true. Old SEO techniques can still help to achieve better ranking however, these techniques will need some modifications. Especially, keyword analysis needs to be restructured and long tail keywords will get more attention from now on.

Traditional SEO techniques that will remain significant include:
•    Unique and informative content is still must to have.
•    Keywords are still of great importance however they should be used in moderation.
•    Legal and quality back linking can provide required results if used properly.

Old search habits does not comply Hummingbird
Users are usually using search engines to search websites through particular keywords and want to see best results displayed. This habit of searching through specific keywords usually does not generate required results for users and they keep trying with related words.

However, now with hummingbird users can enter the exact question they want to ask and user does not have to spend any extra time on search engines for searching purpose.

Impact of hummingbird
Many people will think why Google suddenly take this initiative and what will be the impact of this entire situation to searchers and websites. The answer to the first part is it is change trend of searching that result in formulation of hummingbird.

People usually need to ask questions to search engines rather looking for some typical words and secondly with change in technology more people are using their mobile devices for quick search purpose and to get answer of their queries. This whole scenario gives birth to hummingbird algorithm.

The impact of this technology will change the way people search and the way website use SEO. People will able to get answer of their queries in form of websites that hold information searchers have asked for.

Likewise, it will also change website use contents and SEO for attaining high ranking among search engines. Prior to this change, mostly websites use content integrated with keywords only with or without any important information however, now to gain better ranks websites have to work on their content and need provide useful information what actually users are looking for.

ASK me , understand what searchers are looking for and what website need to offer that is actual essence of hummingbird and offers bespoke SEO services that not only ensure high ranking among search engine like Google but also comply with standards of this novel technology successfully.