What is Google AdWords and its salient features?

The Google AdWords is an online advertising program to create online advertisements. It is the system Google has developed to assist advertisers in marketing their products or services in the Google Search Engine. The system places text ads that appear when people search for phrases related to the ad words, this appears as a “sponsored link”.

It is a “pay per click” system, this means you can determine where your ad should appear through bidding for a series of phrases, but the plus point is that the client only pay the amount he has bid for if someone clicks on its ad, i.e. pay per click, that is also called cost per click (CPC)!

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

So why, Google AdWords? Let’s have a look over its salient features:


Specified Traffic

Your ad is displayed to people who are already searching for the same kinds of products and services that you’re offering. So the possibilities are very high that those people will take notice. Moreover, you can choose where your ad is to appear, like you can specify the websites and geographical areas.

Cost Effective

With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, the advertiser charged only when someone clicks on the ad, not when it only appears. The client can also decide how much or little he want to spend monthly, and can never be charged more than that amount.

Daily Progress Report

You can view a daily progress report of how the ad is doing, analysing how many new customers connect to the blog and from where they’re coming from. However Google’s free AdWords tools can be use to edit and improve your ad to increase the number of potential customers.