How to Get a Community of 1 Million Followers

Here I will share the points that you have to follow for creating a community of more than 1 million followers, but loyal followers. I tell it because I know that someone would say that what matters is not the number but the feedback with your community. In fact, I’ll put an example of the engagement have achieved directly with followers or fans.

THINK and OBSERVE …. and I know it is not easy. What people would be interested in our content? Where may be those potential followers? We need to follow the industry influencers, profiles, pages, websites, blogs, where we think our public could be (I confess that is also productive enter browse the pages and profiles of your competitors or other companies).

Community of 1million followers

Community of 1million followers

Once detected these followers can leave a notice that you exist and also producing interesting contents for them … I can see you know what I mean!

CREATE … To create you first have to think and observe, only then can create reflecting. Now is the time to make an adapted strategy to each one of your businesses. A palpable strategy with realistic goals.

Think a non commercial message, but social, an imp-active slogan and a strong picture with which you would identify to yourself. Define what tools you will use, your team and your supports. For example, you can get help of an external social media agency. And starts working. Keep thinking, but works hard!

BUILD YOUR AUTHENTICITY. On Internet you have to be yourself, but authentic. Convey to your followers that you are there for whatever they need. Listen to them before you start to communicate. In this way, they will feel your brand as something from them. Someone you trust, who will help and with who will begin a long online journey.

BE GENEROUS. It does not hurt to be generous. You have to give details to your followers that are with you from the beginning. Those followers who opened to you their doors home, and you in turn opened their friends and acquaintances. Help them when prompted, because then when you will launch a special campaign will be they who will help to spread it by first.

And one day you will be surprised when they tell you: “seeing the great work you’ve done during this time I want to give you my related pages to your brand so you can spread through of these pages all your content.” Don’t tell me it isn’t wonderful!

CONNECTING and LOYALTY. Create stronger links with your followers. Engagement, Feedback… Can create Ambassadors 2.0 offering a series of advantages to those followers interested in participating of this project. Ambassadors, evangelist, etc …. or as you prefer.

Speakers of your brand in different cities worldwide. They have always to be the first in knowing any news or novelty with respect to the brand. Develops campaigns or special events for them. For this reason, in some cases can support you from Social Media Agency will be necessary

FOLLOW … And as always how difficult is to stay. Continue to work hard and continue contributing content of interest and of quality. No guard down. Be professional and don’t forget of your followers any day.

The weekends they too are there and, in fact, are the moments that more are fixed on brands. If you can’t do this work, let me inform you that you should hire a Social Media Agency as Turn On who provides you all these services.