Most Effective SEO Techniques for 2014

World of SEO has been revolutionized by the changes made with Google Penguin and Google Panda in previous year. Due to these changes many websites have suffered from penalties under the effect of devised algorithm.

Considering all these circumstances, SEO experts plan new strategies for search engine optimization of a website. These techniques enable website to beat the competition prevailing in cyber world successfully and also help you to acquire desired results from your website.

SEO 2014

SEO 2014

Some effective SEO techniques that can help you attain better page ranking on renowned search engines are as follow:

Using Anchor Text

Keyword stuffing is strongly discouraged by search engines in last few years. However, websites owners have devised other ways to increase traffic on their websites. These techniques are created to achieve required targets as well as they are used so that they are approved by defined standards of renowned search engines like Google.

SEO experts use variety of anchor texts for this purpose. These anchor texts are used instead of main keywords. Thus, in place of regular keywords you can place anchor texts like “Visit Here” or “Click here” etc.

Google is not the only way

Most websites rely on traffic from Google however; this rule has been changed for year 2013. People should realize that there are various other sources available in world of internet such as social media like Twitter, Facebook and other search engines like Yahoo.

Facebook is one of most popular social media website used in every part of world. It is also most ideal place to market your business locally as well as globally. You can market your website through social media successfully and cost effectively.

Quality link building

You should use quality link building methods for better SEO as Google not only evaluate incoming back links but also determine quality of outgoing back link. For poor quality outgoing back links such as for those sites that are of gambling or containing non appropriate material you will face penalty from Google immediately. Therefore, it is important to use quality link building and should associate with well ranked websites.

Quality content

Google always value quality content. Therefore, for success of your website it is important to use quality content that will not only help to acquire more traffic but will also earn better ranking on renowned search engines.

It is also important to determine how search engine evaluate your content and along with this you should always keep it mind that your content should be for people not for bots only. Any piece of writing that is well written, comprehensive, and free of errors and give valuable information to reader will certainly be in spot light instantly.

Avoid using too much HTML tags

Previously web designers prefer to use HTML tags for optimization of their website. However, nowadays this trend has been aborted and discouraged by search engines. Using HTML tags for optimization purpose can result in penalty for your website. Therefore, it is recommended to use these tags only when needed or try to avoid it completely.

All these tips can help in SEO process of your website and can help to incur better ranking and more traffic for your website.