How to Deal with After Effects of Hummingbird?

If you are reading this blog then one thing is sure that you certainly want to improve ranking of your website or blog irrespective of the fact that things have changed so much after arrival of Google’s invention of Hummingbird.

So, if this is true you can continue reading this blog with confidence that yes you can achieve better ranking for your blog or website with these unusual yet innovative SEO strategies.

Following ground-breaking SEO strategies are right combination of authorship with human psychology and content. However, before deploying any SEO strategies one should be careful as any wrong move can make your website suffer in long term.



SEO rich content vs. reader’s satisfaction

Nowadays, only SEO rich content is not enough to help you achieve your targets. You do not need to spend good lots of money to make your content search engine optimized only.

Instead of this you should concentrate what your readers actually want to read or what piece of writing can provide valuable information to your readers. In present scenarios SEO is not all about ranking of the blog but SEO has become more users oriented with passage of time.

More Quality means better SEO

With hummingbird Google has become more quality conscious. Unique and quality content is more appealing for search engine and readers in comparison to simple SEO articles. You can find large number of blogs present on internet related to same topic.

If you are sharing the same information like other blogs with different titles and keywords do you think you will be accomplished to attract your target audience.

The answer is NO!

To achieve your target it is mandatory for you to offer something new to your readers that are either not available before or not easy to find.

WordPress SEO booster can help you a lot

In this competitive environment it has become important for bloggers and SEO experts to keep track of their blogs and SEO activities so that corrective measures can be adopted right on time.

For this purpose bloggers use different utilities such as Twitter card, Google authorship, Facebook open graph etc., however, one utility that is WP SEO booster can offer one solution for all these utilities.

WP SEO booster enables you to:

* Add meta tags to your blog from present content
* Can be integrated with other SEO plugins
* Acquire Google authorship
* Optimize blog for Facebook open graph
* Add meta tags for Twitter automatically
* Enhance SEO ranking
With this up to date knowledge of SEO anyone can beat challenges offered by Hummingbird algorithm in field of SEO.