Content Marketing and Hummingbird

With advent of Hummingbird, internet marketers have to face many challenges in field of SEO and internet marketing. Many internet marketers wonder what the purpose of this algorithm is and how to fulfill expectation of clients when certain SEO techniques have become obsolete and most of the techniques changed completely.

This scenario has also influenced field of content marketing.

All type of contents is not treated by Hummingbird equally. Certain types of contents that are hummingbird friendly are as follow:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content that is Evergreen in nature

Evergreen content basically refers to content that remain popular among users and does not obsolete with time. Such type of content is usually informative in nature and provides information to users regarding future trends. This type of content is opposite in nature to the breaking news as breaking news interest user for limited time duration.

Content that is evergreen type remain popular for long period of time and enhance in terms of traffic and ranking with passage of time. Whether your content is evergreen or not you can certainly evaluate it by increasing number of statistics. Such content does not require artificial link building but establish its own links. Evergreen content is always what Google is looking for.

Informative Content

Informative Content

Informative and Educational Content

Hummingbird is mostly about users that is why content that can address common queries of users or can guide users regarding particular issues is highly ranked by Google. This content also include “How to…” content that educate people and guide them to solve their problems.

Different titles can be used for same content and also for entirely different contents.

Titles that include term “How to…” is usually preferred by Hummingbird and also can acquire higher ranking.

However, “title alone cannot acquire the desired results“. It is also important that content within the blogs should be informative and useful for online users. This is also due to the reason that Google aim to answer direct queries of users therefore, prefer to display website that answer the query of users in most straight forward way.

Such website can attain good positions in SERP by search engine.

Thus, now internet marketers have to think about educating people regarding their website or business through informative content. They have to concentrate more on educational content rather than promotional content.

This can help internet marketers to enhance ranking of their website at Google and they can also deploy rest of SEO strategies considering nature of Hummingbird more successfully.