Business to Business SEO with Social Media

Successful search engine optimization of any website depends upon successful social media marketing. However, to use social media effectively it is important to devise online marketing strategies carefully considering most recent marketing trends prevailing in online marketing. Incorrect combination of these strategies can not only affect the ranking of website but will also result in decrease traffic and loss in profits.



Some latest trends followed for social media marketing recently are as follow:

Decrease in social bookmarking

It has been observed that trend of using social bookmarking websites for SEO purpose has been decreased since 2011. This affects the social bookmarking websites all over the world. However, some of renowned bookmarking websites are still used by marketing professionals such as StumbleUpon, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.

But this social media cannot be used for SEO purpose for long as many of renowned social bookmarking websites such as Friendfeed or DIGG are losing their visitors rapidly.

Successful social media resources

Internet marketers use number of social media resources to conduct their social media campaigns. However, success of any campaign depends upon the reputation of social media website and its popularity among your target customers.

According to research internet marketers who spend more time on marketing their website through social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest conduct their campaigns more aggressively than those marketers who dedicate small time to social media.

In this research it has also been concluded that more marketers with more experience in field of internet marketing prefer to use LinkedIn to market their business with respect to those internet marketers who are new in this field. Along with this it has been observed that marketing through do follow forums is also reduced since 2011.

Nowadays, internet marketers are more interested in social media like Twitter and Facebook. These marketers also prefer using blogging as active marketing tool to promote their website and to educate potential customers.

Business2Business marketers and Business2clients marketers

Different type of marketers prefer different social media resources such as B2C marketers prefer to use Facebook to market their website as Facebook offer them opportunity to get in direct contact with potential customers. However, B2B or Business to business marketers uses other social media websites also such as LinkedIn.

Both types of marketers use multiple combination of SEO strategies however, the use YouTube for marketing has been decreased to great extent but that can prove to be of great value if utilized properly. LinkedIn also offer Slide-Share facility for B2B marketers and due to this reason it is getting more popular among them rapidly.

These trends show that strategies used for marketing website through social media have evolved over time. Therefore, it is important to devise your strategy according to latest trends so that you can make sure that your website will not suffer any loss.

If you are not experienced in this field it is more beneficial to acquire services of reputed and experienced social media marketing experts. These experts can guarantee success of your website with higher profits by formulating plan according to type of your business and your target customers.