Best Uses of Google Analytics 5

Google Analytic 5 has the best features of Google’s analytics program and made it even easier to use. Here we’ll discuss few the best uses of Google Analytics 5 that will help you get the most out of your analytics information.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

1. Important analytics data

In GA5, you can create multiple dashboards, each of which can contain multiple widgets. To create a new dashboard, simply go under Dashboards in the menu bar then select New Dashboard. Then add your widgets.

The best part of the dashboards is you can change the date range and see all of your widgets update with that date range’s data.

2. What is attracting traffic the most

Have you been curious which of your online marketing campaigns are the most successful in terms of bringing traffic to your website? Then it’s time to look at your advanced segments.

To create an advanced segment, click on the Advanced Segments drop down and then the New Custom Segment..

3. Learn what people are searching for on your site

If your website has a search box, go ahead and perform a search to see the URL of the search results.

To see the results of this setup, go to the Content menu and the Site Search area. Under Usage, you can see what terms are being searched for.

4. Visualize what people click on the most

Curious where people are making the most clicks on your site? In-Page Analytics under the Content menu will pull up your website in the Analytics browser with information on the percentage of clicks that have happened on each internal link on your site.

5. Identify your worst performing pages

A few items down in the content menu from your top pages are your top exit pages. This will tell you how many people are arriving and exiting on a particular page.