How do you Become a Domain Registrar

Domain registrar

Online website is mandatory part of any business whether for individual use or for corporate use. Online website is not only medium to share knowledge but it is also used as one of most powerful marketing and online business resource.  Thus, you can create website of any type such as educational, online business, e-commerce or any other field. However, the most important thing after completion of website designing is how to launch your website.

For this purpose you have to acquire web hosting services. The first step in this process is to procure domain name for your website and for this you need to hire services of domain registrar.



Domain registrar is basically responsible to provide service for domain registration and you can register unique name for your website. Registrar also offers web hosting services for his clients. Whatever domain name you choose for your website, will belong to you only and your website will be recognized with its particular name.

Domain name is basically divided into two parts that are top level domain also known as TLD and second level domain that is SLD. You can choose from wide range of TLD’s available with domain registrar such as .com, .org, .info etc. However, you can choose any phrase as SLD that not only acknowledge your business but also contain particular keywords for better ranking.

Companies offering services of domain registrar can host your domain for almost 10 years at least however you can find many companies offering these services for unlimited time span.

You can find various website hosting companies offering these services online. However, you should consider some important aspects before hiring services of these companies. These factors include:

Authorization from ICANN

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers. This organization monitors domain registration services worldwide. It is important for domain registrar to acquire authorization from ICANN officially. Those registrars authorized by this body are not only resourceful to offer quality services but ensure long term services for their clients.

Cost of domain

Cost of domain will also ensure quality, standard and its reliability. If some company offers you extremely cheap domains you should reconsider your choice of registrar.

Standing of domain registrar

It is also important to investigate about reputation of your preferred domain registrar. For this purpose you can search through internet forums, blogs and customer reviews. Experience of previous customers of company can help you validate reputation of web hosting company.

Customer Support service

Although domain registration is comparatively simple process and does not need much technical support. However, you acquire web hosting services along with domain registration and it is important for you to ensure availability of customer support 24 hours a day for flawless performance of your website.

High standard customer support also define standard of company and ensure complete assistance in every step of process.

Along with these factors you should also consider what other value added services are offered by your domain registration company. These services may include email, blogs, customer access to control panel and other supportive applications. Considering all these aspects can help you choose most suitable domain registrar for your website.