Advantages of Using WordPress for eCommerce Websites

ECommerce websites are quite in demand these days as they make your business global and boost up your performance by giving you a larger target audience. In the past, web development was a difficult taskand only highly professional people used to develop websites using scripting and coding languages.

With the increase in technology, many open source platforms came into existence which made eCommerce site design and development easier and convenient not only for professionals but also for the people who are just beginners.

WordPress is one of those open sources which are available free of cost. All you need to do is to follow the graphical user interface and easy drag and drop options to create a fully functional, dynamic ecommerce website. There are many advantages to use wordpress for eCommerce site design and development.


Here are few of them.

i) Easy Interface

WordPress is a PHP based platform that provides you a basic layout and theme pages already built. You just need to modify them slightly as per your design and requirement.

If you do not want to modify the theme, you can use the same theme and add contents about your products and services. You can find number of free themes.

All you need to do is to find a theme that complements the idea of your business. Once you find it, you can add pages and contents of your own choice. You can also add widgets and plugins to add extra functionality to your website.

ii) Unlimited Plugins

Plugins are the set of code to provide a specific functionality. For example instead of coding for adding the slideshow on your web page, you can simply download and add a plugin for the slideshow. You do not have to worry about the complexity of code and difficulty to maintain the constraints.

When using wordpress, you can find thousands of plugins on the internet, mostly free of cost. This has made the eCommerce site design and development easy and fun. Plugins like shopping cart, PayPal etc. mot only makes it easier for you to build the code but also enhances the security of your website.

iii) Database Integration

WordPress provides you easy way to integrate tor database. You just need to graphically create your database and attributes. You can also use your own custom .SQL file.

Database is one of the crucial things when we talk about the eCommerce site design and development as it represent all your products, decisions and confidential data.

iv) Global Access

If you are managing your website through your own laptop or system in local host, it is necessary that you have to make changes n the website from the same computer. When you are working on a wordpress website, you can control and manage it from anywhere in the world via internet.

All you need to do is to login to your WordPress control panel and make any changes you want to.

WordPress has numerous benefits and free of cost to use. This makes it popular among all the open sources available on internet. If you are a web developer and have basic knowledge of PHP, you must try wordpress and see its wonders.