Effects of Hummingbird on Blog Writing

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Hummingbird algorithm is a breakthrough from Google that has revolutionized the way people search and the way search engine works. This algorithm is an effort to read between the lines and to understand what users are actually looking for. The objective of the algorithm is not just to match keywords of query but it decipher queries and meanings behind them.

google hummingbird

google hummingbird

Hummingbird algorithm has enhanced the performance of search engine to great deal. User can find their required data in less time with more accuracy. This algorithm has certainly influenced other fields related with world of search engine and internet. One field that is greatly effect by this change is that of SEO and blogging.

Hummingbird algorithm and internet content writing

Whether you write content for website or articles or blogs for SEO purpose of any website, it is mandatory for you to comprehend after effects of hummingbird and changed behavior of search engine. Search engine are capable of responding to conversational search rather than concentrating on some particular words within the query. This change has degraded spam sites further more and encouraged quality content writing for both websites and blogs.

Some noteworthy changes introduced by Hummingbird in field of content writing are as follow:

Use of keywords in content

Some people may think that using keywords in content has become outdated after advent of this algorithm however, this is not the case. But of course style of using keywords in content has been changed. Now, there is no need of using same keywords in content again and again and meaningful content has gain more significance.

Understanding user requirements

One of the basic objectives of devising this algorithm is to satisfy requirements of users in more detail way. Search engines are trying to answer what actually user want. Considering this scenario it is important to provide content that not only can interest user but also provide useful information to potential customers. It is good idea to map needs of your target audience before publishing content for blog or website.

Semantic relevance of content

Importance of content has further enhanced nowadays as for quality content it is mandatory for writers to address requirements and needs of their particular users. Semantic relevance ensure authenticity of your content.

Answering queries and problems of your target audience with quality content and practical information can certainly help you beat challenges offered by hummingbird algorithm for SEO of your website in most effective way.

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